Halloumi and Pea Curry

This recipe began as a paneer and pea curry from Hairy Dieters Go Veggie book. Over the past few months I have been tweaking and adapting this recipe into what I believe is the best halloumi curry (modest right). I switched out the paneer for a salty cheese which adds a really nice flavour against the hot spice of the curry. Then I tweaked the spices to really get the right amount of heat without being too overpowered by one.

It’s a great combination of heat and salt for a really great veggie curry dish. This recipe does serve 4, but I often use extra halloumi because it’s so god damn good! But this is personal preference. Again, the hotter you like it the less crème fraiche you should put in and vice versa, I sometimes put a little in and then give everyone the option of more on the table. Don’t want to dull the heat from a spice lover.

Hope you enjoy the recipe, if you give it a go remember to tag me in your Instagram pics @chefwynd.


Halloumi and Pea Curry

  • Servings: 4
  • Difficulty: easy
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  • 1 cal spray oil
  • 2 onions sliced
  • 30g fresh root ginger grated
  • 3 garlic cloves crushed
  • 2 tsp ground cumin
  • 1 tsp ground coriander
  • ½ tsp ground fenugreek
  • ½ tsp turmeric
  • 2 tsp medium curry powder
  • 1 tsp garam masala
  • 1 tbsp smoked paprika/paprika
  • 1 tbsp cayenne pepper
  • 400g passata
  • 2x boil in the bag rice
  • 200g frozen garden peas
  • 225g halloumi, diced into 1cm cubes
  • 150ml low fat crème fraiche


Slice 2 onions into thin strips. Add to frying pan with a good splash of water and simmer on a low heat.

Meanwhile measure out spices in a bowl (I tend to do this rather than add straight to the pan but up to you). Grate your ginger and crush your garlic.

Add the garlic, ginger and spices to the pan and stir until all onions are coated in spice mix, fry for 2 minutes.

Boil the kettle and get your rice ready. Add the passata, mix and leave to simmer for 10 minutes stirring halfway through. Pour the water into the rice pan and cook your rice as normal (boil in the bag usually 18 mins).

After 10 minutes, pour the contents of the sauce pan in a blender* and blend until smooth. Pour back into the pan, add your peas and leave to simmer while you sort the halloumi out.

Heat up a small frying pan (with no oil) and add the halloumi. Turn over as it cooks (don’t worry if it burns a little, adds to the flavour.

Once cooked, add it straight to the curry with the crème fraiche (low fat yoghurt also works), then serve with the rice which should have just about finished cooking.

* You can use a handheld blender with a glass jug, or a normal blender, just note plastic will stain, glass is much better for this.


Day 28-30 update of #chefwyndeatsclean

IT’S ALL OVER.Well this challenge is anyway. I will continue to eat healthily, and go to the gym until Christmas but I will be a little more laxed when it comes to that slice of cake (although I have had a few cakes over this challenge).

Now it’s time to have a think about what my next challenge could be, who knows, maybe i’ll run a marathon ;).

Day 28.

After the heavy cheesecake weekend I brought the rest in to work. However, someone else brought cake as well so there was an insane amount of cake to go around. I stayed strong and didn’t have any cake, or cheesecake #willpower.

For breakfast I had half a grapefruit. I think it’s a shame that grapefruit once cut dries out overnight. If someone has a trick so that this doesn’t happen (I currently wrap in cling film and put in fridge), please let me know!

By lunchtime I was unsurprisingly pretty hungry. I made myself leftover bean burger (with all the trimmings). Plenty of sweet chilli sauce to make this burger zingy. Delicious! Mid-afternoon I had a snack of a few red seedless grapes to keep me going.


Last post I mentioned how I had hurt my foot running. Well I seem to have really damaged it because it kills to walk in flat shoes. Heals aren’t so bad, I think because it takes the pressure off the side of my foot. This means no gym for me today, I don’t want to aggravate it anymore.

Rory was out till after 7, so I decided to start prepping dinner and tomorrows dinner instead of watching TV and thinking about chocolate.

I started out cooking the tomato base for tomorrow’s dinner lasagne, once this was simmering away I got started on the vegetable tacos I was making for tonights dinner. Meal prepping like a boss.

I used another of Hairy Dieters Vegetarian book this evening although I will tweak slightly in the future. If you haven’t got this book, I highly recommend it for anyone who likes veggie food. In The Works, it’s only like £6 as well so bonus!

I cooked up refried bean and vegetable tacos. Vegan until I added lots of cheese hehe. Really delicious, just needs a bit more spice and a bit more flavour to the beans, and I overcooked the veg a tad. Will make again though!


I won’t go into the details but I cooked up a ginormous lasagne ready for Rory to put in the oven tomorrow evening, and refried bean and vegetable tacos for tonights dinner and tomorrows lunch.

Day 29.

Woke up late and was in a bit of a rush meaning I forgot to pack breakfast (thankfully lunch was pre-prepped). Luckily I had an apple at work from yesterday so had this for breakfast. Not very substantial but I was so busy with work I barely realised it was almost 1pm.

Lunch time came around and I made myself a huge refried bean tortilla wrap (if you watched my insta story you will know what I mean). Perfect amount of salt and cheesyness for a great lunch and really filling. Later I had a quick snack of a Strawberry Bliss Muller Corner Pot.

I didn’t really want another day of no exercise so I decided to head to the gym afterwork and do an arms and core workout and try to stay off my foot a bit. I don’t really know what I’m doing if it’s not cardio or an instructed class. I kind of flailed around doing some core and arm workout with a barbell, kettlebell and some dumbells. Then i moved on and did some press up T-Rex and then some leg raises on that machine (technical term right there).

So I came home feeling a bit fizzed, I really need to figure out a workout and start building more on muscle mass, as I am pretty darn week for my height and size. Maybe this will be my next challenge, 30 days weights. We shall see…let’s get Christmas over first.

I may need to invest in a personal trainer to help me out on this one, any advice ?

For dinner, Rory cooked up the lasagne (literally put in oven because I prepped like a boss yesterday, woop!). Ahhhh lasagne. I beautiful recipe cheesy, creamy and tasty. Seriously delish, in fact Rory gave me a compliment on the food, he said, and I quote: “This is the first vegetarian meal i’ve eaten that I haven’t missed the meat”. Took 29 days but I did haha. No but honestly, this recipe is great, I will post it soon, just need to work out quantities because I always make too much or not enough!


Day 30.

Bit gutted I have hurt my foot because it means I struggle to walk the dog, and I can;t do any cardio :(. However, I got up today, peeled and slices a fresh mango and half of this for breakfast. Fresh, juicy mango is just delicious! Perfectly ripe. Then around 11am, I had a lemon Bliss Muller yoghurt. Not quite as nice as the strawberry one but still yummy.

Lunch time came around slowly, but I got to devour another slice of lasagne which was totally worth the wait! Mmmmmm….cheese. After lunch I had a little berry bar (like a special k but Aldi’s version). This tide me over the rest of the afternoon.

I walked my dog, but as this was qwuite a struggle, and I didn’t have the car I decided not to walk to the gym, and instead do a bit of a weights exercise routine at home. I mapped out a set of 10 exercises, in which I did 10 reps and 3 sets. Not mind blowing stuff, and not as hard as I thought but helped me feel a little less lazy. No cardio still, hoping my foot sorts itself out soon, I actually like cardio.

3 sets (30 second break between sets)
Hammer curl 👍 x10
Russian twist x10 each side
Bent over arm kickback x10 each arm
Reverse crunch (legs) x10
Barbell curl 👊 (tight) x 10
Crunches x10
Overhead dumbbell extension
Flutter legs (30 seconds)
Push-ups x10
Bicycle crunches fast (30 seconds)

However, my dog was jumping all over me throughout the routine so maybe that’s why it didn’t feel that hard (I stopped to get him off me repeatedly).

For dinner I cooked up that halloumi and pea curry, this recipe will be coming up on the blog in the next week or so, will update a link here ASAP.



So that’s it, all done. My challenge is complete. I am posting this the day after (day 31) so that I could weigh in and see how I did. (I actually had this to post on day 31, but forgot to click publish, oops)

I have lost 9 lbs over 30 days, 0.3 lbs per day, 2.1lbs per week. Pretty successful. I feel brilliant, I can actually keep my jeans done up after eating (although not after all that cheesecake). My clothes are starting to feel better, I feel stronger and healthier. Really successful challenge. Now to continue this until Christmas where I can pig out none stop… 🐷

Until next time


Day 19-27 update of #chefwyndeatsclean

Just 3 days to go!

So i’ve had half a blog post written for day 19-25, but then got weigh laid with a gazillion other things, so here’s basically a week’s run down. I’m gonna skip over the boring bits and just give a general update of my food and exercise, otherwise I could ramble on for a while…[UPDATE] just got to the end, and I still managed to do plenty of rambling 😉.

27 days down, pretty happy with how i’ve done so far. Slipped a little at weekends but hey, that’s what weekends are for right…

Day 19.

The only way I remember what on earth i’ve been eating and exercising is through My Fitness Pal, such a great app for recording everything and really makes me question my choices!

Started today with scrambled eggs, avocado and 2 slices of 50/50 toast as I wouldn’t be having any lunch. Matched this with plenty of ketchup for a protein filled brunch ready to sustain me for the day.

Gave Rory a lift to rugby, while I swanned off shopping in the Trafford Centre. Through this 30 day challenge I have come to realise I don’t have enough gym kit to sustain 5 days at the gym…so a shopping trip was needed obv.

Lots of new gym kit bought all from H&M. Really impressed with the selection of kit and reasonably priced! I bought myself a new pair of snazzy leggings, a sturdy sports bra, 1 light weight baggy top, 1 tight-fit t-shirt style top and a long-sleeved tight fit running top. All sportswear which is thin quick drying material. All of that for less than £80. Pretty successful to say the least!


As I was going to the light switch on tonight I needed a quick dinner, so we had a new take on a veggie burger but used a soya quarter pounder from Sainsbury’s. We won’t be making this change again. The burger was tasteless, bland and all together not worth the calories. However the cheese, bread, wedges we had extra all made up for the poor burger choice.

If you haven’t been to the Christmas light switch on yet, you really must go next year! An electric display of beautifully timed fireworks. Even with the rain pelting down on us, it didn’t dampen our spirits.


Day 20.

Woke up very late today and went straight to food shopping, no time for breakfast. Food shopping when you’re hungry is not ideal!

Food shop complete, we made ourselves refried bean quesadillas! When i mentioned this to someone at work, they made a joke that this isn’t even cooking *shocked face*. I was pretty impressed with myself anyway so there we go. I used this recipe and thought it was pretty spot on except for quantities. I didn’t use the coriander leaves (I keep buying this herb and it always dies, if anyone has any tips on keeping them alive, hit me up!).

I did manage to flip it myself, super impressive I know ;). Do note, I read the comments (like you always should on a BBC good food recipe…) and used the ingredients for 4 people, for 2 wraps. Glad we did this as half the mixture would not have covered two big wraps.


Then we went over to Rory’s cousin’s house and went for a play in the park with their foster child and Flashy pants. After some terrible passes from me, and some pretty impressive tackles from Flash we headed back to their house for some homemade meatballs with tagliatelle.

Afterwards we had a ‘healthy’ version of an apple crumble. I used this recipe, and I will definitely be using it again! Really delicious, although I did double the crumble mixture as I like plenty of crumble, I also took the skin off the apples. Covered it with lots of custard and it was gone in seconds.

Day 21.

Starting the day off with golden syrup protein porridge from Oat’s So Simple, for a healthy start to the day. Added some chia seeds to finish it off. Much more filling than my yoghurt and fruit standard!

Lunch I had leftover frozen chilli con carne which I served with low fat soft cheese and half a small avocado. Looks delicious doesn’t it!?


Back home for the gym, simple circuit class.

Dinner we tweaked a recipe I had a few weeks back, the Paneer and pea curry. Instead using halloumi, extra spices and less lemon juice. Oh wow did it make a difference! This curry went from okay to bloody gorgeous. I will be posting the recipe ASAP as you should all be trying this concoction. I swear it’s more delicious than this picture makes out…


Day 22.

Starting the day off with porridge again (yes this is my new theme…) however i added frozen blueberries which made it 5X better!


For lunch I had roasted vegetables including courgette, pepper, onion, cauliflower and sweet potato which I served with avocado, salsa and ricotta cheese. The cheese was a mistake, turns out I don’t much care for ricotta. The texture is freaky in my mouth.


We had a half day meeting at work and somebody (no name and shame here) brought in delicious pastries which I could not keep my grubby hands off! Half a cinnamon swirl and half a pain au chocolat later i felt pretty damn guilty.

For dinner I cooked up a vegetarian chilli con carne using soya protein mince. I used my own recipe which you can find here, and just replaced the mince with frozen soya mince. I should have only used 250g of frozen fake mince, and if i’m honest the texture freaked me out a bit. Rory didn’t seem to notice but there we go.

Day 23.

Really craving toast today so I started the day off with two slices of thick Aldi white bloomer with light butter. Mmmm! Lunch was the same as yesterday, however I used low fat soft cheese instead of ricotta. Much better swapsies!

Today I went for a run. Yes an actual run in the outside world. It was incredible! I felt alive. For the first time since I can remember I actually loved running. It was strange. I ran 3 miles and although my legs were telling me to go home, my body felt great. 100% success on that front.

For dinner I cooked up a batch of this chicken base, in which I split up into three and made a potato topped pie with a third of it. The rest is in the fridge for some other recipes. Batch cooking is the best way to cook!


Then I went to the cinema with a friend to watch Thor. WOULD RECOMMEND. What a hilariously brilliant concoction of action, mischief and humour. Perfect, and a bit of eye candy is always welcome 😉. A small pack of sweet and salted popcorn was required for the cinema, and totally justifiable after that run.

Day 24.

Protein porridge with blueberries. Followed by leftover potato topped chicken pie for lunch.

After work I went to my first pole dancing class. In second year of uni I did pole dancing for about 8 weeks, until I stopped going due to poor time commitment. I found a club near my work and they had a 4 week Groupon, so I bought it up and went to my first session.

What a thrill. Forgot how much i loved it. Wow does it burn, but so worth it. I have the rhythm of an unbalanced rhinoceros but still managed to look somewhat elegant (i like to think anyway). Will definitely be going back next week.

Came home and cooked up some leftover veggie chilli in a wrap with soft cheese. Simple but tasty (even with the funky mince). On Friday we are having treat night of a cheesecake so I made up the cheesecake tonight which also meant I ate several digestive biscuits because ya know, they were gonna go to waste. 😉

Day 25.

Half a grapefruit to start the day, not really feeling hungry this morning. For lunch I had an omelette which turned out perfectly which is a rarety for me!


After work I took my puppy to Drinkwater Park and went for a run, we ran 3 miles. It was 5X harder than my Wednesday run, I thought I might throw up at one point, I had a stitch a lot of the time and my feet and nose were so numb I had lost the feeling in them. Not the most pleasant run ever but if i want to eat this cheesecake, run I must!

For dinner we cooked up some relatively healthy chicken fajitas which I had 1 wrap of, and some extra mix on the side to try to lower my calories somewhat. Then we had the all-mighty lemon-curd and white chocolate cheesecake. And oh boy am I glad i waited for the cake. Creamy, tangy and all round delicious. Yes! Serves 16 my arse. Serves 2 perfectly right 😉 (also, look at first slice cut versus second slice cut, bit of a mess oops).


Day 26.

Saturday’s are always a hard day, usually have something planned, this weekend included going to Pie Minister in Nottingham and then to the theatre to watch The Little Mermaid Ballet with some of my family.

Pie Minister, why have I never been here before!? Really good food, great selection of both veggie and meat pies, quick service, will be going again for sure. I had a steak and ale pie with garden peas. This is pretty much my go two choice of pie. It was delish. Just look at that buttery pastry, get in ma belly!


I then consumed most of a bag of eclair’s from the theatre shop…not even sorry. I got home and couldn’t be bothered to cook. My sister had ordered a takeout the night before which instantly made me crave Indian food. With very little encouragement from me, Rory agreed to order a curry.

As I had already eaten meat for lunch I wanted to have something veggie. The options were pretty limited for a whole curry and I wasn’t sure what they would be like. So instead I chose a couple of small dishes which I had with rice. Really good choice i made. I had a vegetarian selection which included onion baji, vegetable samosa and a vegetable pakora. I then ordered a bombay potato side, cauliflower saag and a side of korma sauce. Plus a chapati (slightly better than naan bread, right?). Totally worth the calories. Finished the day off with a slice of cheesecake.


So that wasn’t quite the healthiest of days…

Day 27.

I woke up after a poor night’s sleep thanks to my puppy waking me up repeatedly. But I got up, put my gym kit on and ran the short journey (0.8miles) to the gym. Burning 78 cals on the run, i worked my but off on the step machine, bike, rower and cross trainer to burn 412 cals to make up a piece of cheesecake (all i could think about while working out hehe).

After cardio, I had 15 minutes before Rory was picking me up so I did a selection of weighted squats, bent over rows, dead lifts, t-rex press ups and military press. I have done something to my foot (I think on my run the other day) and it is causing severe pain when I step on it. I worked through during the gym, but as the pain got worse through the day decided not to aggravate it more by going on a long walk with the dog.

Instead I cleaned the house, including beating the rug which was a workout in itself, and then general dusting and hoovering ready for the next week. For lunch I had leftover vegetarian curry from yesterday. Rory was pretty jealous because shock horror, he didn’t save any of his.

For dinner we finally cooked our own homemade bean burgers. I have wanted to do this for ageeeesss. using a mixture of Jamie Olivers recipe and Slimming World, I made my own recipe (which I need to tweak and test a bit more before sharing with you guys). Followed by a slice of cheesecake (so much cheesecake left omg!).


3 days left, then I will step on the scales and see how I did. I’m not fussed what the number says, I feel better and I am definitely fitter so I am pretty happy with how I have done. Let’s make them a good ‘un!


Day 15-18 update of #chefwyndeatsclean

This week has flown by. Busy at work, lots to get done and plenty of healthy eating and working out completed. Feels like success for the halfway mark. Coming up to a ten day countdown (12 more dayssss) and I am really happy with the results so far. Hopefully they keep working and i’ll be able to keep my jeans done up all day long.

Day 15.

Back to my standard breakfast…don’t even need to tell you this anymore. Lunchtime was leftover Morrocan Roasted Vegetable Soup which was delissshhh. Feeling the ssssss today 😂.


Gym session involved circuit training, back with my fav circuit instructor. Sweating like a pig, I headed home for some much needed curry! Halloween tonight, so we bought the trick or treaters some sweeties, but none turned up. Normally this would be great, but this health kick means I cheated and had a few sweets, oopsies.

For dinner I made a king prawn green thai curry with shed loads of veg including cauliflower, broccoli, peppers, baby corn and spinach. Not quite enough curry paste but still really tasty and plenty for my lunch tomorrow. Really not got portion sizes under control yet which is why I haven’t posted the recipe. I swear i’m cooking for 2 and make enough for 6 😂.


Day 16.

Breakfast, erm, yeah okay I seriously need to be more adventurous…lunch continued with leftover curry but vegetarian this time.


Then off to the gym. I walked to the gym today (about 2 miles) and arrived 20 minutes early. So I went on the treadmill and burnt 50 kcal in 5 minutes, then on the step machine and burnt 100 kcal in 5 minutes and then went on the rower and burnt 50 kcal in 5 minutes. Pretty impressed with myself for staying with the rower as I find it really boring and often give up after a minute or so. Then I did a nice easy toning class, to build this supple frame I desire.

Rory cooked a delicious cauliflower and pea risotto which was divine. Recipe for this will be up soon as it is soooo good! Love a good risotto, simple to cook just takes a little bit more time than some meals. Totes worth it though.


Day 17.

Ran out of my standard yoghurt today whatever will I do…instead, I tried using low fat greek style yoghurt. What an error. For me, it just tasted slightly sour, and really thick in my mouth. Not a pleasant experience and i wasted majority of my fruit on it. So instead I just had a small selection of grapes and strawberries. Cannot wait for lunch now!

For lunch, we went to Los antojitos ltd, Vegan Mexican pop-up kitchen in the Great Ancoats General Store. This little pop-up sold £1 street food tacos, doughnuts and other Mexican bits and bobs. It was such a cute little stand! As i had lunch back at the office, I had one refried bean taco. Really tasty and delicious, couldn’t even tell it was vegan.

Los antojitos ltd - Vegan mexican pop-up kitchen

Los antojitos ltd - Vegan mexican pop-up kitchen

Went back to the office and finished my lunch with leftover risotto. Perffff-ect lunch. After work I again, walked to the gym from work (2 miles) and went to a pure fat burn class. Pretty disappointed by the class, didn’t really make me sweat, and it was all a little the same for me. I didn’t even add it to My Fitness Pal (which if anyone wants to be my friend add me on Chetwynd22). I then did 5 minutes steps (100 kcal) and 2 minutes rowing (I would have done more but there were some pongy smells going around and i couldn’t cope).

Returned home and cooked myself a Mexican bean burger with all the trimmings. Honestly, my fav meal at the moment! One day I’ll cook it in the daytime and get a decent picture of it!

Day 18.

I knew today would be a cheat day. But I started off well having half a grapefruit for breakfast and a spinach, tomato, red onion and pepper omelette for lunch. Pretty healthy stuff right here…

But then Rory and I agreed as we weren’t going anywhere this weekend (other than the light switch on) we would treat ourselves to a pizza. My favourite pizza is a deep pan, freshly made from the deli counter topped with peppers and red onion. Simple, delicious and crazy tasty.

Normally I only eat half the pizza…

However my body must have known it was treat day because I ate that whole bad boy and felt no regrets. And for extra cheating, washed it down with a bottle of prosecco for a truly special treat day. 🍾🍕

No pictures of my sins, but honestly completely worth it as it has given me more motivation to be healthy so I can have cheat days like that guilt free.

Pretty successful week if i do say so myself. Only 12 more days to go. Let’s do this! 💪


Day 10-14 update of #chefwyndeatsclean

On Friday Rory and I had the pleasure of attending The Lindley Wedding in Wrexham, Wales. A beautiful location (The Tower Hill Barns), a wonderfully decked out venue and the most fantastic couple. It couldn’t have been a more perfect day. Saturday left me hungover, on deaths door, but I mustered it up and went for lunch with my Dad as he was in town, and then Sunday was a movie night and curry with my sister.

Woke up with horrendous ear ache both Saturday and Sunday night/early morning causing me to have to go to the doctors, have half a day off work and some serious amounts of pain. Meaning no gym session for me, and very little movement due to the searing pain. Not a great start for a healthy week!

Here’s a quick rundown of my eating/exercise this week, although mostly unhealthy food, I tried at some points, honest!

Day 10.

Thursday began with half a grapefruit which kept me going till lunch. Leftover lasagne (would put a picture up but it really looks like slop; tastes good though!). Then for dinner I had a vegetarian Moroccan bean burger from Tesco, with smashed avocado, grilled light cheese, roasted onions, peppers and tomato served on toasted ciabatta. Simply delicious!

Before dinner I also went for a run round Drinkwater Park. I went a few minutes before Rory followed with Flash; this was a error. Flash kept smelling my scent and charging off into the distance like a loon. However, I had a good 2 mile run (for me this is impressive), so not too shabby.

Day 11. The Wedding.

Started the day off with a duck wrap from Tesco after running around town like a crazy person trying to find some shoes for my outfit. Matched with a packet of crisps and a diet coke. Not a great start…

Dinner was served at the Wedding at around 4pm. A delicious collection of leek soup, chicken and then sticky toffee pudding for dessert. Honestly, this food was divine. Minus the STP (not a big fan), just look at how incredible this food and table looks!!


Finished with 1 trillion shots, today was not a success.

Day 12. The Hangover from hell.

In all seriousness, the worst hangover ever. Thought I may actually be dying, and I was happy to go. Breakfast served at the hotel looked amazing, but I could barely stomach more than a few slices of toast and a few forkfuls of beans.


Then I met my dad for lunch, Almost Famous, where I ordered the biggest oreo milkshake, a halloumi burger and fries. Not my finest healthy hour, but man did I need this in my life. The halloumi burger had a little too much sauce and I gave a lot to Rory, but the milkshake was exactly what I needed and salty fries are always a winner.


As I had already had a pretty unsuccessful day, I decided to continue this with a packet of jammy dodgers and 2 slices of toast.

Again, not my finest healthy eating day…

Day 13.

Ah the none hungover, better day. Woke up early with earache which swiftly moved away as I went to the gym and worked that milkshake off on a circuit class. Great class at the gym, well led and felt really energised. Came home and started my food day off with an omelette, full of onions, peppers, tomatoes, spinach and low fat cheese. Perfect!!

Then we went food shopping, spent £20 less than normal as we are having a mostly vegetarian week so bonus! Got home and started cooking a Moroccan Roasted Vegetable Soup which I served with a dollop of yoghurt, sprinkling of coriander and a chunk of bread. Everything about this soup is photogenic, incredible taste and really impressed (will be making again that’s fo sho!).


After lunch we took our puppy Flash to Rivington Pike in the glorious sunshine, an hour and a half hike up and down a big hill (mainly because we got lost several times) was just the extra exertion I needed after a heavy weekend of food and drink. Look at this view, and also Flash being super cute after tearing a hole in the ground…


For dinner we invited my sister and her boyf over for curry and movie night. We cooked a Paneer and Pea recipe from the Hairy Dieters book but I was a little disappointed. There were a few changes I would make so wont be posting the recipe. However, I will be trying it again with some extra spices and a change of cheese, and we shall see what happens.

You can’t watch a movie without popcorn right? A quarter of a bag of popcorn (50g), not gonna kill me and i’d worked hard today, so treated myself and so glad I did. Forgot how good sweet and salted popcorn was!

Day 14.

Woke up at 4am with searing earache which to this point in the days till hasn’t gone away. Normally I can apply heat take some tablets and be on my way. But today this isn’t how it’s gone. Hopefully it goes before tomorrow.

Breakfast started with a banana before heading to the doctors. Then when I got back I had a slice of toast to tie me over. Lunch was leftover soup and bread from yesterday.

I didn’t fancy another curry like I planned, so I swapped my meal plan around and had vegetarian burgers, with smashed avocado, cheese, sweet chilli on toasted ciabatta.


Not the end of the world but definitely not my most successful weekend. This week I will be working extra hard to not lose my streak and keep working at it. Only 16 days to go.


Day 7, 8 & 9 update of #chefwyndeatsclean

A whole week completed. Woweee. Technically it’s been 2 weeks of healthy eating – I did a week before starting this 30 day challenge to get myself into the spirit after my holiday abroad.

9 days down, 21 to go.

Day 7.


Ah Monday. No more lie ins. Cold, dark mornings drawing in. Time to get up and go to work in the cold miserable weather. Oh how I love Manchester’s ability to rain at all times. Up bright and early, showered, dressed, dog walked and fed and off to work I go, hi ho, hi ho, hi ho.

Starting the day with a bowl of fresh fruit and yoghurt…I’m starting to think I need more adventure in my breakfast. I mentioned earlier about how much I love homemade soup. So on Sunday evening, at around 9pm, hangover still biting, i forced myself to get up off the shell of a couch, and cook a soup ready for the week.

A homemade leek and potato soup cooked in under an hour is my kinda soup. Get the recipe here. This soup in my opinion is just delicious, thick and full of flavours. A perfect lunch served with a hunk of bread.

leek and potato soup

After work I headed straight to the gym to catch the 5.30pm Fat Burn class with my new favourite instructor. An absolutely cracking workout, that made me ache in all the right places and really worked my core.

Headed home and cooked up Sweet Potato Saag Aloo (same picture as on Saturday night as I was too hungry to take photo’s hehe). Overcooked it a little which meant the sweet potato was a little squishy, and I didn’t have enough spinach. But I did tweak the recipe slightly which improved some bits so hopefully third times the charm.

Day 8.

Today I just did not wan’t to get out of bed. Flash (my puppy) had woken me up a few times in the night crying due to fireworks going off outside (who’s doing fireworks at 3am I don’t know), so I was feeling extra sleepy this morning. But, I got up, dressed, ready, dog walked and fed and off to work I went again.

Breakfast continues the theme of most boring breakfast in the world (tomorrow I’m gonna go crazy and have something else). For lunch I had leftover saag aloo with a slice of thick bread from Aldi to mop up the juices, whilst reading this months copy of the Good Food Guide. Dribbling over the delicious cakes and recipes inside.

Off home to get ready for my gym class, this week’s circuits. Pretty disappointed with the class today, it was a different guy than normal and although I normally like his classes this one I didn’t. Circuits to me means going round multiple times a circuit. But instead, we got 10 minutes of intro to each exercise (not even exaggerating), then a warm up. We were given 20 odd exercises, 30 seconds on each. Not enough time to get into the exercise, and because there were so many

Tonight I decided to cook a vegetarian lasagne. What an error. It takes sooooooo long. But in the end it was worth it, so not all bad haha.

lasagne and bechamel sauce.jpg

Day 9

Lie in today (not my day to walk Flash woop). Breakfast started with avocado and scrambled eggs (told you i’d have something different), with half a grapefruit.

eggs and avocado

Lunch was leftover leek and potato soup with a hunk of bread. And dinner was leftover vegetarian lasagne. Delicious!

Really feeling the diet today, desperate for cake and wine, but as I will be attending a wedding on Friday, i will hold off and stay strong.

No gym due to finishing work late and needing to sort Flash out, so definitely no cake allowed.

Let’s hope tomorrow brings better days.


Leek and potato soup

Soup is one of my favourite winter lunches. A delicious soup with a good hunk of bread is perfect for those cold days. Soup is such a simple dish to make, I don’t know why you would ever buy it. Just make a big batch up and freeze in portions ready for those days you just don’t have time to cook lunch.

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The recipe below is an adapted version from a Soup recipe book by The Women’s Institute, get the recipe book here. This soup book has tons of really simple, tasty and healthy soups to try out.

A couple of small tweaks to quantities and timings to get the soup a little thicker, but relatively similar to the one in the book. Let me know how you find it in the comments below 😀


Leek and Potato Soup

  • Servings: 6
  • Difficulty: easy
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  • 1 medium white onion
  • 400g maris piper potatoes
  • 500g leeks
  • 50g light butter
  • 850 ml veg stock
  • 300 ml milk
  • Salt and pepper
  • Chives to serve
  • Dollop of single cream (optional)


Peel and dice onions and potatoes. Chop your leeks up into thick slices. Little tip for leeks, score down the middle, discard the thick outer layers, run some water through and then chop up. 

Heat butter in a large pan (one that has a lid), once melted add your onion, potatoes and leeks, sweat on a low heat with lid on for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Once sweated, make your stock up and add to pan, leave to simmer for 20 minutes.

Remove from heat, add milk and blend till smooth. Handheld blenders are super cheap and really handy for soups and sauces.

Add salt and pepper to taste and then reheat and serve. This soup can be kept in the fridge up to a week, and frozen for up to 6 months. I freeze in soup bags like these one’s here. Super handy for stocks, soups and sauces.

Sprinkle with chives and a dollop of cream (if you so wish) and enjoy!